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Dried flower Jamaica 8% CBD

SKU: a-22

5.0/5 (2)

39.00 - 160.00 z艂

price/g: 35.00 z艂 (save 10.26%)
price/g: 32.00 z艂 (save 17.95%)

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Shipment: 24 hours

CBD: 8%THC: < 0,2%

We offer hand-selected Jamaica flowers 8%. It is a product of the highest quality. The low content (0.2%) of THC makes hemp dries no hallucinogenic or addictive. Medical marijuana is fully legal in Poland and throughout the European Union. Jamaica 8% CBD is completely natural and free of GMO and artificial colors. We supply our hemp store only to proven and certified producers. Quality and safety are the most important for us. Mango Kush dried hemp is grown using the indoor method, i.e. cannabis grown, grown in a closed room, with artificial light. This type makes plants not produce plants, and the flowers are dense.

Health-promoting properties of Jamaica

Dried Jamaica is rich in CBD cannabidiol, which is approximately 8%. Thanks to this, it has high pro-health properties. It is worth investing in a natural medicine with much better properties than those we receive from a doctor. Medical marijuana in the form of CBD drought works, among others antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antiemetic, anticonvulsant and antipsychotic.

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