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Hemp oil 10% CBD

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CBDmed hemp oil (hemp oil) is a concentrated form of cannabidiol in its purest form. This is one of the few products with the proportions that nature wanted.

The RAW 10% product (which translates into 1000 mg of active substances in 10 ml of the product) is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa L species, it has no psychoactive properties. The product is manufactured in Poland and consists in CO2 extraction. Thanks to the use of modern technologies and raw materials from proven sources, it is possible to extract a whole range of substances beneficial for the body. This product is completely safe, laboratory tested, has not been subjected to decarboxylation or distillation processes. It does not contain artificial colors, it is not produced from genetically modified plants (GMO). The hemp used in the CBDmed product is obtained from BIO crops, which makes it the highest quality oil. This product is also suitable for people on a vegan diet.

The oil contains a negligible amount of THC (about 0.2%), so it is not addictive, which makes it completely safe for everyone, regardless of age, except for children.

The high concentration of valuable substances means that using RAW oil brings many benefits to the body. All the valuable ingredients contained in the hemp are condensed in a small bottle.

CBD-containing products are known to inhibit many ailments. CBD helps people with neuroses, pains of various origins and insomnia. They improve general well-being and reduce the feeling of stress.

Durable and hygienic dispenser allows for precise dosing of the product. It is recommended to use three full pushups twice a day.

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