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Hemp oil 15% CBD

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CBDmed hemp oil (hemp oil) is a natural source of the precious cannabidiol in its purest form. A comprehensive approach to each CBDmed product makes it the best hemp oil on the market, in the proportions nature wanted.

The RAW 15% product (which translates to 1500 mg of active substances in 10 ml of the product) is obtained from Cannabis Sativa L. It is produced in Poland and consists in CO2 extraction. This method allows the extraction of many phytochemicals, flavonoids and polyunsaturated fatty acids from the plant. The product contains many different cannabinoids in addition to CBD, the most important of which are: CBC, CBG and CBN. The method of extracting the oil complies with applicable regulations, which makes it proven and completely safe. The product has not undergone decarboxylation or distillation processes.

The CBDmed company relies on modern technologies and raw materials from proven suppliers, thanks to which it provides the highest quality product. The rules of storage and packaging mean that it retains its advantages for a long time.

CBDmed oil is a 100% natural composition, free from artificial colors. Its color is the result of Mother Nature's actions. This oil contains a very low dose of THC (a psychoactive substance responsible for addiction), below 0.2%, which makes it completely safe and can be used at any age.

Regular use of CBD oils helps with many ailments. CBD is a neuroactive and neuroprotective substance with a particularly beneficial effect on the nervous system. It helps in problems with neuroses, pains of various origins, and insomnia. They are also used for migraines and digestive problems. It has antidepressant properties, so it is also used in alcohol and heroin addiction therapies, and in the presence of anxiety.

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