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Hemp oil 5% CBD

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CBDmed 5% hemp oil (500 mg of active substances in 10 ml of the product) is perfect for people who are starting their adventure with cannabinoids.

CBDmed hemp oil (hemp oil) is comprehensively produced in Poland, from organic hemp without the use of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs. The product has been laboratory tested. It is a 100% natural composition, it has no artificial colors. The CBDmed company is based on modern technologies and raw materials from reliable suppliers and is one of the few brands whose oil is completely natural.

It is a top-quality product that is completely safe for health. The product has not undergone decarboxylation or distillation processes, and thanks to special packaging, it retains its advantages for a long time.

The use of hemp oil helps relieve many ailments. People who use CBD products on a regular basis can enjoy a better overall well-being and body strength. The use of cannabinoid-containing agents reduces the feeling of stress, accelerates the regeneration of the body after exercise and improves the sleep cycle. The use of hemp oil helps especially people suffering from recurrent neuralgia and migraines.

This product is free from any intoxicating effects, it contains a low very low dose of THC (about 0.2%). It is safe for people of all ages, except children.

Ease of application is ensured by a precise and durable dispenser. It is recommended to use three full pushups twice a day.

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