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Buddha Kush 21,75% CBD

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CBD: 21.75%THC: < 0,2%

We offer hand-selected Buddha Kush flowers 21.75% CBD. It is a top quality product that is completely safe and legal in Poland. The THC content is below the limit of 0.2% on the dry weight of the product, so drought is not addictive or has hallucinogenic properties. The medicinal marijuana we sell in our hemp store is 100% natural, free of harmful substances and free of GMO. Dried hemp is made of certified seeds, so we are sure that the product is natural and safe for health.


Buddha Kush 21.75%, and health-promoting properties

Buddha Kush 21.75% is rich in CBD cannabidiol, and therefore has pro-health properties. Medical marijuana in the form of CBD drought works, among others antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer, antiemetic, anticonvulsant and antipsychotic. In addition, it positively affects the treatment of multiple sclerosis and supports the treatment of depression and schizophrenia. Patients agree that medicinal marijuana relieves pain associated with cancer and side effects of chemotherapy, i.e. vomiting, headaches, and diarrhea.

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