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Fruit-flavored jellies with hemp extract

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Fruit-flavored jellies with hemp extract are an alternative proposition for people who do not like the taste of cannabis, but want to enjoy the benefits of consuming cannabinoids.
The gummies consist of a combination of organic hemp extract with natural ingredients. The product owes its delicious taste to sweet, fruity notes.
CBD is a substance obtained from hemp seeds. It comes from the cultivation of plants of the highest quality. CBD is a completely legal and safe substance. Cannabinoids have properties

- relaxing,
- anti-stress,
- makes it easier to fall asleep and improves the quality of sleep,
-improves concentration.

The entire package is as much as 250 mg of CBD (about 5 mg in each unit). It's a convenient and incredibly tasty alternative to other CBD products
This product consists of 100% natural ingredients, is laboratory tested, and does not contain heavy metals or pesticides.

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